College Planning Interview with Janice Caine

Listen to College Visit Planning Expert Janice Caine answer questions about College and College Visit planning

1.   How Do Students and Parents Start Deciding where to Visit (4:07)

Interviewer (I): Just tell us – how do people contact you, how do they work with you, what’s the best… what’s your website and a little bit more about you and your business.

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2.    Why Do I Need To See the Campus in Person (1:23)

I: And sometimes I hear students say ‘Oh, why do I need to go to see the campus in person? I’ve taken the virtual tour online!’ How do you respond to a student that says that?

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3.    How Many Schools Per Day Can You Visit (0:55)

I: How many schools a day could you think that you could comfortably visit and still have a clear head?

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4.    Is It Possible To Visit With The Financial Aid Office Or Career Placement Center (0:50)

I: And is it also possible to visit with the financial aid office or the career placement center on these campus visits?

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5.    What Homework Should The Student Do Before the Campus Visit (5:32)

I: Let’s say now that the student and family have picked out 8 schools that they’re interested in visiting. What homework does the student need to do before goes?
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6.    Can A Student Arrange A Visit With Faculty and How Should They Prepare (3:33)

I: If, for example, you would like to meet a faculty member that was in a specific academic department, we’ll say chemistry, how should the student arrange something like that at a campus visit? Is it even possible to do?

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7.    What Should Students & Parents Bring on a Campus Visit? (1:59)

I: Now, our students have done their preliminary work and now it’s time to go on the campus visit. What do they need to bring with them when they start to visit a campus?

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8.    The Top 10 Tips For An Effective College Visit (2:34)

I: Janice, can you take us quickly through a summary of kind of the top 10 tips for effective college visits?

Jaince:  Read more

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