Keeping A College Visit Journal

Keeping A College Visit Journal

Important Details Can be Easily Overlooked

In the excitement of visiting a vibrant college or university, it’s understandable that many important details can be easily overlooked or forgotten once you arrive home. This can be true especially if:

  • You’re visiting multiple colleges during a short time period.
  • You’re planning several college road trips during the college search process.
  • You won’t have a chance to re-visit certain college campuses before your teen submits his or her applications.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is an excellent way for your teen to capture his or her thoughts and observations about the campuses you will be visiting. Having detailed notes will also allow your teen to compare the different schools once you arrive home and the journal will serve as a refresher if he or she needs to come back to the information at a later date. Before you embark on your college visits, your teen should prepare a list of questions that are not answered in each school’s promotional materials. The journal then becomes the central document for recording the answers to all of these questions.

College Visit Student Journal

Custom College Visits has created the pre-printed College Visit Student Journal. We developed this Journal after many campus visits and feedback from both college-bound students and higher education professionals. The Journal is a great tool and it serves as a guide for making sure the student doesn’t forget to ask all of the questions that are important on any campus visit.

Click here if you would like a copy of the College Visit Student Journal.

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