Why Do I Need to See the Campus in Person

Visiting Campuses In Person 

Interviewer: And sometimes I hear students say ‘Oh, why do I need to go to see the campus in person? I’ve taken the virtual tour online!’ How do you respond to a student that says that?

Janice: Well, I think that the virtual tours are good for an introduction. I think it’s a great way for them to get an introduction to the college. I also think that it’s great if you can’t get to the college, sometimes its difficult to get to all of them. I think there is still that, but there’s research that shows that college visits are still the most influential resource in introducing students to college. It’s also the most influential factor for getting a feel for specific colleges. And that is because that’s the way you get a feel for the actual culture of a community. You can talk with students, and see what the interaction is like between students and faculty members. There’s just really no substitute for being on campus and getting that. There are any number of different things that kids come away with; sometimes they’ll get a gut feeling on a college right away and say ‘This is for me’ or ‘Oh, I really love it’. There’s something about being on that college campus that allows them to get that feel of the environment and the community that they can’t get just by watching something on a video.