26 Dec Unspoken Benefits of College Search Process

The Unspoken Benefits of the College Search Process

Janice Caine, Founder of Custom College Visits, wrote a post, entitled “The Unspoken Benefits of the College Search Process,” which discusses the ways in which both students and parents can learn and grow during this rite of passage.  The article is  posted at The Traveling Advisor, a company that specializes in custom travel design and education advising.Click here to read the full article
Janice Caine

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Beginning the college search with your son or daughter?
Wondering where on earth to start?

familyThat was me, seven years ago. Janice Caine, a mom, just like you, losing sleep about my then 16-year old daughter Brittany’s college search. Wanting her to take initiative in the process and to ultimately choose the right college, but worried that without my support it would be a rough journey.

It was only when I started to do the research to plan our road trip to visit a number of east coast colleges that I realized just how much work was involved. It was a massive learning curve and extremely time consuming. For first-time moms like me it was a whole new and confusing world. Not to mention the fact that, because our daughter’s entire future could hang on us getting a college tour exactly right, it was more than a little daunting, too.

But somehow we did it. And, once we’d done it, the next group of college visits was easier to put together. By the time we toured college #8 we felt like old hands! Which is probably why friends and family called me in to help them to organize their teen’s college tours.

Using my personal experiences and my existing business skills as an international meeting and travel planner, I was able to fast-track them through all the dizzying research and frenzy to focus on what really mattered:

Targeting and visiting schools up close so that they could be 100 percent certain that their teens could make informed decisions.

This is how Custom College Visits was born. Simply talk to me about what your family wants to achieve from a college visit and I’ll do the same as I did for my own friends and family. I’ll do all the research and liaising. I’ll organize tours, fix meetings, arrange for you to talk with current students and key services and make sure your visit includes all those little but important aspects that can so easily be overlooked by first-time parents. Basically, whatever you need from a customized college visit that runs without a hitch, I can organize it.

Sound good? Then please do talk to me without obligation to go ahead and use my services. I promise it’ll be a weight off your mind.