Virtual Tour St John’s University- NY

St. John’s is a large, four-year, primarily nonresidential doctoral/research university.The full-time, four-year undergraduate program is balanced between arts and sciences and the professional fields; while being primarily a non science and non engineering based school.The university is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and has 13 specialized accreditations.

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Why Visit

Choosing the right college for you is more than just selecting a major and applying to schools. It requires research, visits, meeting people, asking the right questions, and getting to know the core of what makes that college special. At St. John’s, the proximity to New York City, the University’s heritage in the Catholic faith and the students are what help make St. John’s unique. With more than 100 different majors, a booming student life, and numerous study abroad opportunities, students come to St. John’s feeling apart of a community.

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