2018 College Visit Road Trips

2018 College Visit Road Trips

Time to start planning your 2017-2018 college road trips.

Whether your student is a high school junior or senior, if they are headed to college it is time to start planning to visit college campuses. If you are planning on visiting multiple institutions with your teen Custom College Visits is here to help you get the most out of each visit.

  • We work with both parents and teens to help determine which colleges to visit and in what order.
    Barnard College Visit - Custom College Visits

    Barnard College New York City

  • Want to visit with a student or faculty member on each campus, we can set that up.
  • Need Travel assistance? We have years of travel planning experience plus a great travel partner.

We like to say that we help determine:

  • The colleges you’ll visit
  • How you’ll get there
  • Where you’ll stay
  • What you’ll see
  • And who you’ll meet
  • All the while saving you time!

Additionally we can assist with issues like:

  • Are you or your student not getting college related questions answered at school?
    • We work with teens and parents.
  • Are you concerned that your student’s Social Media postings will cause them issues with college admission?
    • We can refer you to a great partner, that can provide expert advice.
  • We can also provide guidance through the entire admission process

Please give us a call at 650-931-4515. We would be glad to set-up a time to discuss how we can assist your family during this exciting time.

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