A Simple Thank-You Note

A Simple Thank-You Note


As summer draws to a close, those of you with rising juniors may be planning your first college visits, while those with rising seniors are gearing up for the college application process.

Regardless of whether your teen will be meeting with athletic coaches, interviewing with admissions officers, or visiting with faculty members, there’s one thing that they should all keep in mind the thank-you note.

Write that Thank-you Note!

As soon as you arrive home, your son or daughter should send a note to whomever heCollege Visit Thank you note or she met with. Why? First of all, its common courtesy. These people have taken time out of their day to meet with your teens.

Second, while something as small as a thank-you note may or may not make a difference when it comes down to who is admitted and who isn’t, we all know that the college application process keeps getting more and more selective. So, it cant hurt for your teens to differentiate themselves by taking the time to express their gratitude.

Janice Caine

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