A Client’s Thank-you Note

A Client’s Thank-you Note

Planning a Multi-College Tour

Mom and college bound daughterRecently we received a thank-you note from one of our client families who had just returned from a six-day custom multi-college tour we had planned. Her note included this statement which goes to the heart of our service

“We met so many amazing people and there are so many people to thank for making our experience so special. Of course, you deserve the biggest thanks, for arranging such a compelling and comprehensive schedule.”


Planning College Tours and Campus Visits

The trip was planned a couple of months in advance and included meetings with students and faculty at each campus along with sitting in on classes at two of the campuses. A trip of this nature takes much work including travel planning, reaching out to each institution’s faculty and finding students that align with our client’s interests. But the result as the mom stated was worth it. This one-of-a-kind trip that will help this student be laser focused as he starts applying to schools this fall.

Think of Custom College Visits as a specialized concierge service for planning college & university visits. We save you time and ultimately money by providing the expertise needed to create focused one-of-a-kind college and university visit itineraries that are “compelling and comprehensive”.

Traveling hundreds or thousands of miles to visit a college or university and only listening to an information session and go on a guided tour is like seeing a movie preview. If you are taking the time to travel to a college or university make sure you see the full length version by working with Custom College Visits

If you would like more information or a free consultation please give us a call; 650-931-4515, and/or request further information by filling out our Contact Us request form.

Janice Caine


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