Better Campus Visit Experiences

Better Campus Visit Experiences

Campus Tours this way.

There was a recent Huffington Post blog by a young man from New Jersey who had been “dragged along” on his older brother’s college tours. We thought it was a great blog and that it brought to the surface many of the reasons why it might benefit you and your teen to consider using a professional company like Custom College Visits when planning your college tours. In the post, ‘Brandon’ spoke about his dislike of most of the campus food they tasted, but more importantly, he expressed that he was very bored and sometimes embarrassed for his brother by what the college personnel said and did during information sessions. He felt that most campuses were alike in many ways, and that the colleges did not create tours that made their campuses stand out from each other. Based on experience, we believe that the article could just as well been written by most any college-bound teen or parent on any tour, on any campus.

But it does not have to be this way!

We recently posted an article to our Facebook page on the importance of college visits and received a lot of “Likes” on that post. Why all the “Likes?” Well, we believe that parents and teens do think that college visits matter, but perhaps they are not getting the information, feedback and overall feel for the institutions that they are visiting.

The question that this young man is asking in his own way is, since you have no control over how the college officiates the tour or information session, how do you and your teen get the most out of your time on campus?

Whether you do the planning (you and/or your teen) or you work with a company like ours, there is much that can be done to customize a day on any campus to meet the needs and interests of your particular teen.

Below are links to a few of the blogs that we have written that discuss what you might do on campus:

You might also check out College Visit Tips, our Social Media site, where we are posting real-time student tweets about college visits and tours.

The bottom line–there is no reason that a campus visit should be boring…

Alan Caine

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