Can I Visit with the Financial Aid or Career Placement Office? Interview Part 4

4. Is It Possible To Visit With The Financial Aid Office Or Career Placement Center (0:50)

Interviewer: Is it also possible to visit with the financial aid office or the career placement center on these campus visits?

Janice: Yes. I would recommend again making an appointment in advance to do that. And I would also, especially with the financial – well, with both I guess, but especially with the financial office decide what it is that you want to achieve during that appointment. Is it just to understand how the financial aid process works or is there a specific question that you have that you would like the financial aid to help you with, particular to your instance or your situation? So make sure that you, again, do your homework and find out what’s online in terms of the information so that when you do go in there that you have a better idea of what you hope to achieve with that. But yes, you can do that.

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