What Should Students Bring to Campus Visit? Interview Part 7

7. What Should Students Bring to Campus Visit?


I: Now, our students have done their preliminary work and now it’s time to go on the campus visit. What do they need to bring with them when they start to visit a campus?

Janice: Well, the first thing I tell the parents and students is to wear comfortable shoes. They will be doing a lot of walking, so it is important that they always have comfortable shoes with them. And the other thing that I recommend also is to always take an umbrella, because most of these tours will be conducted rain or shine, so it’s always great to have that umbrella with them. Unlike California, where we’d love to have that rain right now, most of the other places will have rain any time of year and that will come in handy. I also recommend that they, whatever way works best for them, to take some notes, whether it’s just a small notepad, whether it’s taking notes on an iPad, whatever is the easiest way for them to take notes – they should have that just so they could jot things down. Because, especially after doing a few visits, they’re not necessarily going to remember everything that they have seen or what was more important to them that they saw during that college visit. I actually have, what I call a college visit student journal that I give to students that I tell them to fill out. Most of the time they do that at the end of their visit and they jot things down in a notebook before that, but that helps them keep a record of everything that they’ve seen while they’re there. It’s very important, because they will not remember – especially if they’re in 10th grade, and then they won’t be coming back to do any visits until maybe later in the year, or what have you. Or they want to refer back to it. That way they have a record of what they’ve seen or what was most important to them. Some students like to take pictures – again, it could be done on their phone. If they see something that they feel is really important, that they want to remember, taking a picture of that and then making a note with that will be really important for them.

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