How Many Schools per Day Can You Visit? Interview Part 3

3. How Many Schools Per Day Can You Visit (0:55)

Interviewer: How many schools a day could you think that you could comfortably visit and still have a clear head?

Janice: If parents have the time, I often suggest that it’s one school a day. In many cases, if you can’t get from one to the other and still do what you need to do, there are some, for instance if you were to visit U-Penn and Drexel University which are right near each other so you can do that in one day. But I feel that, in order to retain and get a feel for what’s on each college campus, if at all possible, I suggest one per day so that you have enough time to do the different things on each campus that you want to do without having to rush. And to remember it. So, that’s what I usually suggest. If you can do two and you need to do two, that’s fine, but never more than two.

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