What’s in The Box? Campus Curiosity

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 Playing in the Box

Seeing my cat in the box from our order from Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon—and then seeing this photo–got me thinking:

Do you remember your children’s favorite playthings?

For many it was the empty boxes that had held their Chanukah or Christmas presents; or maybe it was a moving box that had just been unpacked.

If your children are now college-bound teens, chances are they are not still playing in empty cardboard boxes, but instead they are wondering at how best to unpack and fit into colleges, which stand in for those boxes.

Your teens, like most high school students, want to open (visit) each one of those boxes (colleges) and peek in to discover if it’s a place where they can reach their individual goals and determine whether or not they will wantCampus Union to apply.

There were many ways to open and unpack those boxes years ago; some simple and fast, others more slowly and painstakingly. Similarly, it’s the same for visiting colleges and becoming familiar with each one of the campuses and college communities.

When we first set out to visit colleges with our daughter fifteen years ago, I’ll admit that some of those first visits were unorganized, rushed, and unproductive. That changed eleven years ago. That’s when we started Custom College Visits and built a process that has been proven over and over to ensure families that their investment in their teen’s college experience will be based on a solid foundation.

If you and your teen wish to visit multiple colleges across multiple cities and have immersive experiences with personalized engagement at each college, you should speak with us.

We guarantee a worry-free campus visit and travel experience specifically created for your teen and your family.

Let us help you and your teen open each of those closed boxes in 2022. You’ll be glad you did!

What's in The Box? Campus Curiosity

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