College Tour Planning for IECs

Custom College Visits announces a new service for Independent Education Consultants and College Counselors.

College & University Tour Planning for Independent Education Consultants

As an Independent Education Consultant, your time (and return on that investment) is best spent meeting with students, their families, and advising potential new clients. You’re an expert on admissions essays, the SAT/ACT and how best to align a student’s academic and lifestyle interests and strengths with the right fit college. So what are you doing planning your own college tours? Many, many IECs visit college campuses during the year seeking meetings with various campus officials in order to learn more about colleges than the information brochures and websites provide. Networking connections and the ability to build long-term relationships is crucial to your job, so getting multiple appointments on each campus and figuring out the best use of time on campus and travel between campuses is critical. Whether traveling to the college or university in the city next door or flying halfway around the world to spend multiple days touring campuses, the organization of your multi-day, the multi-campus trip is critical to your goals and to your pocketbook. That’s where Custom College Visits can help.

About CCV

CCV was created over a decade ago to help families with their parent/teen college road trips. Our goal was, and still is, to take the stress, confusion, tears, and frustrations out of the process of planning and executing a multi-day, multi-campus college trip. After building hundreds of personalized itineraries for college road trips for clients from all corners of the world, we have become experts at following a process for planning and then providing all the pieces, laid out in a functional and easy to use digital itinerary.
Recently, we have received requests from a number of Independent College and Education Consultants who would like to use our services for their own college tours. We are therefore now tailoring our unique planning process to you, the IEC.

Custom Itinerary Planning for Independent College Consultants and College Counselors

Are you thinking about planning a college road trip this summer or fall for yourself or a small (under 20 persons) group? If so we would like to speak with you, learn about your intended trip and provide a proposal. By using our services you give yourself the most valuable gift – time to spend as you choose.
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