College Visit Tip 13 – Know Where to Park

College Visit Tip 13 – Know Where to Park

College Visit Tip 13 Visiting a College? Know where to Park!

Know where to park when visiting collegesParking is difficult on or around most college & university campuses. Before arriving on-campus know where to park. Check with admissions or campus security.

Some questions you might ask:

  1. Is there a special lot for visitors?
  2. Do you need to put a parking pass in your car?
  3. Does the college validate parking?
  4. Can visitors park in the surface lots?
  5. Is there an on-line map of the parking lots?
  6. Are there meters?
  7. Do you need quarters?
  8. Is there street parking?
  9. Are there public garages close by?
  10. Does the college provide discount coupons for public lots?

In my research for this tip I found the following discount link for AAA members visiting New York City campuses like Columbia, Barnard College, New York University, Juilliard and many others.?

AAA coupons for garages run by Central Parking system

Don’t leave a campus visit with a $100 parking ticket, scope out parking before arriving.

Alan Caine

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