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Do you need help planning a multi-day, multi-campus college tour?


The professionals at Custom College Visits are here to help YOU!


We’ll work with you to plan a custom college tour itinerary that includes all your on-campus and travel arrangements for and other campuses you want to visit. We custom-design itineraries to provide: campus to campus route planning on-campus appointments with students, faculty coaches, and more walking tours information sessions travel planning.

See our home page at Custom College Visit for information on CoronaVirus college closures.

Parent Testimonial

Custom College Visits


The meetings were phenomenal! It made an enormous difference. Our son thought the art department was fantastic and he especially loved his meetings with the head of the philosophy department who he thought was absolutely brilliant. If we had only had the information session and tour I don’t think he would have had this same reaction at all, it was really crucial to have the meetings.

Thank you so much.

Liz C., parent of SF Bay Area student


Parents Love our Mobile Travel App 


Before leaving on your trip you’ll download a mobile app that provides complete access to all the details for your college trip.


Itinerary for College Road Trip

Making College Visit Travel Easy!

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Making the Most of Your Time on the Road


At Custom College Visits we help you make the most out of your time on the road. Your teen will spend quality time visiting and the other schools he/she is interested in.


You’ll have a chance to walk around each campus. Visit the bookstore, meet faculty and students and stroll through the town to get a feel for the area surrounding campus.


How it works


Tell us the dates that are most convenient for your family and select the specific schools that you want to visit.

We’ll do the rest!


By the time you’re ready to depart, you’ll have a complete itinerary in hand.

The result will be a trip that runs smoothly.


A Wonderful Benefit – You Get to Spend Time with Your Teen Instead of Your Travel Agent.


Many parents report back that one of the unexpected benefits of our trip planning and 24/7 support was that they were able to spend true quality time with their teen. Instead of worrying about on-campus arrangements, route logistics and travel plans, parents could concentrate on helping their teens make knowledgeable evaluations about each campus that they visited.


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Custom Planning for College Visits


Custom College Visits can also assist with your travel arrangements. Together with our concierge-level travel partner, we will work with you to provide recommendations and bookings that fit your travel style.


Travel arrangements may include:

Airline ticketing

Hotel reservations

Car rental

Sightseeing recommendations


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“Janice helped make the college selection process manageable, not so daunting after all, and we felt no stone was left unturned in this important decision.”

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