Custom Planning For College Visits

Custom College Visits’ services are custom tailored to your family’s needs, whether you’re visiting college & university campuses close to home, across the country or from overseas. All itineraries are planned personally by me, Janice Caine, an experienced travel & meeting planner and founder of Custom College Visits.


Consider me your Go-To Partner to work with your family through the college search process.


Please feel free to arrange a call-back, at a time that suits you, for a completely free Parent-To-Parent discussion from someone who’s done this hundreds of times for families from around the US and from around the globe. You can also request further information about our services.

Janice Caine Founder Custom College Visits

Janice Caine
Founder – Custom College Visits

On Campus Arrangements


I believe that in-depth college visits are an important part of a successful college search. My proven process ensures that your campus visits will run smoothly.


Arrangements may include:

  • Appointments with faculty members or department advisors
  • Meetings with current students
  • Arrangements for class visits
  • Appointments with athletic coaches and club advisors
  • Visits to facilities not included on group tours
  • Reservations for group information sessions and student-led tours
  • Scheduling of individual student interviews
  • Scheduling of overnight stays on campus (for the student)

* Arrangements are subject to your travel dates and availability at each college and may not be the same on all campuses

College visit tour

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Road Trip Itinerary Planning

Tailored to meet your travel specifications and your teens’ college choices

  • Research and handle logistics for travel to each college, allowing ample time on each campus
  • Determine ideal on-campus visit days
  • Establish trip and tour sequence
  • Identify the most convenient means of travel
  • College visit planning tools
  • Provide detailed, day-by-day itinerary that includes: directions to college campuses; parking information; locations of all meetings and activities on campus; lunch tickets; parking passes; tour confirmations; pertinent addresses and contact information. See a sample itinerary here!
GPS used for visiting colleges on tour Custom College Visits
Boarding your jet to visit colleges


Travel and Lodging Arrangements


In conjunction with our travel partner, Custom College Visits can provide multiple travel options based on customized research, recommendations that fit your travel style, and reservations and ticketing based on your feedback.

  • Airline reservations
  • Private jet arrangements
  • Hotel reservations
  • Black car arrangements
  • Car rental
  • Sightseeing, dining and entertainment recommendations and arrangements**

* Please note that Custom College Visits’ planning fees do not include costs for: transportation, lodging, food, fees, taxes, and incidentals.

**this service is available with select packages

College Catalogs received in the mail

Create a College List

For many families, this is the first, very important step. If your teen needs assistance, I will help them to:

  • Pinpoint their individual college criteria. Your child and I will begin by exploring together their high school background and extracurricular activities, academic interests and goals, and personal interests.
  • Research and discuss the colleges that meet this criteria and then building a primary list of reach, 50/50, and likely schools.
  • Based on travel dates, college calendars, top choice schools, location and other variables, narrow down the list in order to build a workable college visit itinerary.