Engaging on Campus

Engaging on Campus

The College Experience

Much of the college experience is about engaging on campus and in the community at large. Your student should meet new people, have new experiences, and engage with students and/or members of the faculty or the administration. A college visit and tour should, among other things, provide your student the opportunity to determine if they would like the people and want to engage in the campus community.

Apps are Hot

Apps are hot and carrying around a smart phone has become second nature, but an articleEngaging perspective college students that I recently read gives me real concern.

Briefly summarized, the news article is about a new app by Guidebook. The app (still in beta) is for students who visit the Oregon campus solo and just wish to explore on their own. The University of Oregon is trying to reach those students who might shy away from connecting directly with the college. The app provides a guided tour, then gives the student the opportunity to request additional information by submitting contact information.

Although the article was mostly about the app, the statement that stood out most to me was; “75 percent of prospective college students tour campuses on their own.” Study after study confirms that college tours are the most important factor in dictating whether a student will enroll, so if you are a parent planning a college tour with your teen and they are being resistant to signing up for the official tour or information session, then open up a discussion about alternatives:

  • Can you find a student who will provide a personal tour?
  • Meet a student for coffee or lunch on campus.
  • Have your teen walk into one of the department offices (one the student is interested in) and see if a professor or grad student is available to speak with them.
  • Strike up informal conversations with students on campus; ask about cell service, or where the best pizza joint is.

There are so many alternative ways to tour a campus, but in my opinion walking around with earbuds and a cell phone really doesn’t do justice to any school.

Alan Caine

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