We Help Simplify the College Search Process

We understand how hectic your junior and senior years of high school can be — fitting in a full day of classes, several hours of homework, college test prep, extra-curricular activities, athletics — and maybe even a job! Never mind time for family and a social life…

It’s no wonder you have little or no time to devote to planning college tours and visits. Yet despite online virtual tours, college websites and printed brochures, visiting in person is still the best way to get a sense of a college’s energy, culture and academic environment.

That’s where Custom College Visits can help. No matter what stage of the college search process you’re in, we’ll help you manage your time and create itineraries so you can tour the college campuses that are of interest to you.

  • Not sure what type of college will be the best fit for you?
    We’ll help you plan an itinerary that will let you explore different types of colleges and universities, based on your specific educational interests and lifestyle choices.
  • Do you already have a prospective college list but need to narrow it down?
    Let us work with you to create an itinerary that will give you an in-depth view of college life.
  • Have you been accepted to several schools and need to make your decision?
    Whether you’re exploring a campus for the first time or returning for a second visit, we’ll help you hone in on what you need to see and experience in order to choose the best fit.
  • Looking for college visit tips and questions to ask on campus?
    Check out College Visit Tips our social media page loaded with great tips and questions you can ask on your campus visit.
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Did you know?…

  • College visits are reported as the most influential resource in introducing students to colleges.
  • In a recent survey, high school students indicated that college tours and visits were the most influential factor in getting a feel for specific colleges.
  • College visits often foster inspiration for writing the personal essays.
  • 73% of students in a recent survey stated that visits to colleges were either very or the most influential factor in narrowing down the colleges to which they applied.
  • Where you live may give you an advantage during the admissions process.
  • Many colleges gauge your level of interest in their school by whether or not you visited their campuses and/or scheduled events near your home.
  • Knowing in advance the type of college that will be the “best fit” for you makes the application process much easier.
  • An overnight stay is a great way to experience residential life first-hand.
  • Campus visits are the best way to gain perspective on the varied sizes of schools and universities.