Its All About Sharks

Its All About Sharks

About Sharks

As many of you already know, this has been designated Shark Week by the Discovery Channel. Amidst all the talk about Great Whites and Snuffy the Seal, a thought came to me: I wonder how many college teams have sharks as mascots.

I decided to do some investigating and I was surprised that, among the thousands of schools in this country, I could only turn up four U.S. colleges and universities with shark mascots:

University of South Carolina Beaufort – The Sand Sharks

Simmons College– The Sharks

Nova Southeastern University – The Sharks

Suffolk County Community College – The Sharks

This research then led me to another question: Is your son or daughter possibly interested in studying sharks? I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share with you a few facts about how they might begin to learn more about the study of marine biology and how to find the best programs.

One way for students to find out if this is truly a subject area or career theyd like to consider is to research summer programs that would allow them to get some hands-on experience?take some classes and/or give them a chance to work with experts in the field.

What teens should look for

As teens begin to research colleges and search specifically for marine biology programs, its important to look for colleges and universities that have research facilities nearby with a hands-on lab for students. Schools with strong programs should have their own facilities or direct access to those nearby.

About Sharks

When looking at the actual curriculum for the marine biology, be able to compare one program with another. If your teen cant find the details online or in the printed materials, dont hesitate to have them email and ask for it. This is important as it will give an outline of exactly what courses will be required for the major.

They should remember to ask faculty members such questions as what percentage of their graduates find employment and in what areas, are there particular opportunities for students to do research/to study sharks, etc.

Taking into account what they find out about the various programs they can begin to develop their preliminary college list.
Janice Caine

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