Life-logging your college and campus visits

Life-logging your college and campus visits

The trip planning is done and you are heading out on that long-awaited college visit. At Custom College Visits, we believe thatcollege visits matterand are an important component of the admission process, but college visits are also travel experiences that become part of life’s journey — and you might think about recording, journaling and blogging during your trip.
With the advent of smartphones and life-logging apps you don’t need to drag with you heavy cameras, video equipment or extensive editing programs to share your photos, videos, and thoughts during and after your trip. Life-logging apps have made the process a no-brainer.

A few months ago I met Jean-Marc Debaud the founder of LiveTrekker. During breakfast in San Francisco Jean-Marc explained that “LiveTrekker takes a practical approach to life-logging by letting users record and organize their life bits, if you will, as Trips (or Treks). A Trip, a simple begin-to-end time segment with a few other tidbits, assembles all recorded data into an intuitive element one can manipulate easily. Recorded data today include ones location, media such as videos, pictures, or recordings, comments, and many related info that puts it all in context.” Jean-Marc went on to explain that “Users can share in real-time their Trips which are then rendered via the LiveTrekker web site, again in full visual context. In this manner, friends and family can follow ones adventures or simple daily travels in their very details.”

As you plan your college or university visit think about life-logging the trip with LiveTrekker. LiveTrekker can be found in the Apple Store and on Google Play. As we ended our breakfast Jean Marc explained that “every day, many of us experience exceptional moments in our lives, from the simple but wonderful color mix in a food market to the sights and sounds of a travel destination we may have wandered to.”As part of life’s journey, I highly recommend that you download and use LiveTrekker on your college visits. Share with friends, family and even Custom College Visits. Who knows maybe we might post your trip on our site…
Safe travels.
Alan Caine
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  • acaine
    Posted at 10:06h, 20 June Reply

    Following up on this post, LiveTrekker is now number 2 on the US Apple App Store in the Travel Category (free). Congratulations to Jean Marc and team for building a fun and useful App. Headed out on a college and/or university tour this summer, use LiveTrekker to record your trip and share with us at Custom College Visits.

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