Life’s Little Emergencies

Life’s Little Emergencies

We have all experienced a “little emergency”: misplacing or losing a cell phone, not finding important paperwork or being far from home and needing forgotten login information. When your teen is away at school some of their “little emergencies” can be frustrating for them and may take up a good portion of your day. Today’s guest post is by Christopher Burgess creator of Red Folder, a solution to having all of your family’s critical information in one safe, online location.

Yes, Mom, I Am Ready for All of Life’s Little Emergencies

Your high school senior is on their way to becoming a college freshman. You’ve no doubt been asking yourself “have I prepared her/him sufficiently for all they will encounter?”

They may be seasoned travelers; they’ve most likely been on school trips and off to camp and/or traveled to and fro to visit extended family. So being away from home for an extended period of time may not be an issue. But this is something new. This is their pre-launch into the professional world and you want to have them as prepared as possible. Rest assured, you are not alone. Let’s first talk about Mother Nature.

Prepare for Mother Nature

They are ready to be self-contained in the event of a natural disaster for 36-48 hours and will receive the appropriate drills and briefings during their orientation. If they are California bound, the can expect earthquake preparedness, if they are Florida coast bound, then hurricane prep may be the order of the day.

As one is unable to plan for Mother Nature interrupting one’s life, Texas A&M University has prepared an “emergency supply kit” checklist for the college bound. They admonish their students, “It’s up to you to be prepared.”

Their recommended emergency supply kit content is broken down into:

  • The essentials
  • Safety and Comfort
  • Sanitation Supplies
  • Cooking
  • Tools & Supplies

Parents should consider purchasing a kit for their teen, no matter what where they will be attending school. A ready-made kit can be purchased directly from the Red Cross Store.

I lost my … (smartphone, laptop, wallet or purse)

We all misplace items. Everyday items go missing, especially among travelers. Take the San Diego Airport (not a large airport by any measure). On any given day wallets, purses, smartphones, laptops, and other personal items are recovered and turned into the airport’s lost & found. Counseling your student on the need to maintain possession of their valuables goes a long way—especially when it concerns their $700 smartphones!

What else can we do to prepare ourselves and our college-bound teens?

For those times when emergencies arise and critical personal information is needed, tools such as Red Folder may work well.

Red Folder is a highly secure web application, a virtual lock box for life’s critical information—accessible whenever, wherever. Parent and student can set up their Red Folder and populate it with the information that one or the other may need to access. For example, health insurance coverage, banking data, credit card information, family contact data, key social network account credentials, online accounts, specific and unique family instructions and the like.

Taking all of the above information to light, your teen will be well-prepared. You will hear them say to you,

Yes, Mom, I am ready for all of the little emergencies”.

Red Folder A Trusted Life Tool





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