Most Important Aspects of A College Tour

Most Important Aspects of A College Tour

If you have read our other blog postings, you may recall a previous guest blog written by my daughter, Brittany, who is currently a student at Smith College. She is a Gold Key Guide at Smith and I recently asked her to write a brief post about what she thinks are the most important aspects of a college tour from her perspective – what is it that she hopes to convey to high school students on her tours.

Janice and Brittany at Smith College | Custom College Visits BlogHi, I’m Brittany! I’m a junior from California. I’ve been a tour guide at Smith College for almost two years, and things still surprise me. I remember when I was being trained, and it seemed absolutely vital that I remember the exact number of books in the library. Now, I more accurately know the reasons I don’t need to know this. For the same reason that I don’t care, a prospective student doesn’t care. But just like me, she is going to be impressed that we have four libraries. And regardless of the actual number, within those libraries are the books that I’m going to need—and that’s what I need to convey to the prospective students.

Someone once asked me who my favorite Smith alumna is. I believe she expected a typical response like Julia Child or Gloria Steinem. I hemmed and hawed and named dropped for a minute, and then surprised her. “My mother.” She seemed taken aback, and then pleased. For the rest of the tour we were able to discuss traditions and carrying on a legacy. I try to be as honest as possible on my tours, because I know that’s what I wanted. (That’s also why I always show the bathrooms. Priorities. Seriously.) The point of a tour, as far as I see it, is to see the campus from the student’s perspective. Through my eyes. I always point out the President’s house—it’s a prime trick-or-treating spot—and I show them all of the dining halls. “Don’t forget, the meal plan is unlimited and the menus are available as an iPhone app!”

People often come up to me once they attend Smith and tell me that I was their tour guide. “You were my tour guide! You started talking and my mom went, “Wow, she must be involved in the arts. (I am.)’’

I love to give tours because I love to share my happiness with people. Be here! Share it with me!

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