Campus Visits Help Students

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Campus Visits Help Students 

Article Published  in the Northern California J Weekly.

College Search is a Process

“As you make your way through the college search process, think of the school you will ultimately choose as your home away from home — a place that will be comfortable for you.

Comfortable in the sense that your basic needs are taken care of, and as a place where you will feel confident enough to discover new knowledge about yourself and engage with the community around you.

You should seek an environment that will enable you to accomplish your goals, both short-and long-term.

More than printed materials, websites, virtual tours and college fairs, college visits allow you to get a true feel for the campus environment and the community at large. While you initially may think that — based on promotional literature, a school’s reputation, or someone else’s experience — a certain college is the right “fit” for you, a visit might convince you otherwise.”

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Campus visits help students refine their college choices

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