Part 3 – Determining Your Travel Route

Part 3 – Determining Your Travel Route

Mapping Your College Tour Travel Route


After your teen has set goals for each of her college visits, the next natural step is mapping out your college tour travel route. The goals that you have set, what she would like to see and do will give you a starting point toward determining how long you will need to be on each campus without having to rush the process. In addition, there are several other important factors to take into consideration before beginning to plan the actual trips.

Perhaps the most important aspect is to start the planning process as far in advance as possible. This will allow you to make any necessary or unforeseen changes to your college tour itinerary and allow you the lead-time necessary to make the arrangements that you and your teen have decided upon for each college visit. Advance planning will also allow you the most flexibility when making your travel arrangements.

Prioritize the Colleges on Her List

One of the first things that you may want to do before the actual college tour is to help your child prioritize the colleges on her list. This will give you a jumping-off point when it comes to deciding where to begin and end your route. For instance, you can then look at the location of the various schools that your child wants to visit. If possible, you may want to visit a few that are relatively close to each other within the same trip to cut down on travel time and expense. Since the number of universities and the distance between locations will impact both the family budget and the length of each trip, determining how you will divide up the travel should be the first order of business.

College Tour Dates: Yours, Your Teen’s and the College Calendar

Once you and your student have determined some possible dates for the college tour, make sure to then check the academic and event calendars for each university. There may be events that your student would like to participate in to give them a better feel for the community. These might include sporting events, concerts, lectures or theatre productions. Conversely, there may be times when students are on break or its reading period, which could make the college visit much less successful. You may need to adjust your route according to the best on-campus visit days for your particular needs.

As you can see, there are many decisions to be made; considering all of the possibilities will assist you in coming up with a plan for a college tour that works best for your student and for your family.

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