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Spend the day visiting . You’ll have a chance to walk around the campus, visit the bookstore, meet faculty and students on campus and stroll through the college town (or city) to get a feel for the surrounding area.


Custom College Visits can work with you and your teen to plan all of your on-campus arrangements at ; all appointments will be customized to meet teen’s specific interests. Some arrangements may include, but are not limited to:

      • One-on-one meetings with faculty members or advisors
      • One-on-one meetings with current students
      • Observing a class
      • Appointments for admissions interviews
      • Visit to facilities not on the campus tour
      • One-on-one meetings with athletic coaches or club advisors
      • Scheduling of overnight stays
      • Reservations for group information sessions and campus tours

Need help planning an itinerary to visit several college campuses in addition to ? Custom College Visits is here to help!

At Custom College Visits we take the stress and confusion out of college visit planning by working closely with you to create a personalized college visit itinerary. And we help you make the most out of your time on the road. You choose the dates that are most convenient for your family and select the specific schools that you want to visit. By the time you’re ready to depart, you’ll have a complete itinerary in hand — and the result will be a trip that runs smoothly, allowing you to spend quality time with your teen, helping them to make knowledgeable evaluations and about each campus that you visit. Our planning process includes:

      • Research and logistics for travel to each college
      • Determine ideal on-campus visit days
      • Establishing trip and tour sequence
      • Identifying the most convenient means of travel
      • A detailed, day-by-day online itinerary accessible on your cell phone or other mobile device

Custom College Visits can also assist you with your travel plans. Together with our concierge-level travel partner, we will work with you to provide recommendations that fit your travel style and reservations and ticketing based on your feedback. These arrangements may include:

      • Airline ticketing
      • Hotel reservations
      • Car rental
      • Sightseeing recommendations


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