Private Jets and College Visits

Private Jets and College Visits

Gulfstream JetThere has been much written lately (MarketWatch, Cosmo, Forbes, etc) about the 1% using private jets to visit three to four colleges in a day with their teen. Most of the emphasis in these articles has been on the cost of the jet charter. One example has been the East Coast private jet company who has offered a 10 hour card at a discounted $43,000.

The point of a taking your child on a college tour is to determine if your child will excel academically, ‘like’ the people and be engaged in the community of that specific school. In order to figure that out, it takes more than a quick wheels-up/wheels-down and black car visit to the school.
In addition to information sessions and guided campus tours, here are five activities that students should do while visiting a campus:
  1. Meet with a current student
  2. Meet with a professor
  3. If interested in sports, visit the athletic facilities and possibly have a meeting with a coach
  4. Have a meal in the dining hall and visit the campus center
  5. Visit the surrounding town or area

No matter how you travel from school to school, make sure you allow yourself enough time on each campus to fully experience the academics, lifestyle and the people.

Alan Caine

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