Sightseeing Gems on College Campuses

Sightseeing Gems on College Campuses


Sightseeing Gems on College Campuses

Last Friday, my husband and I decided to take a vacation day, enjoy the beautiful weather and see some of the local sights in the San Francisco Bay Area. We headed down to Palo Alto, home of Stanford University.

We spend a fair amount of time on the Stanford campus taking campus tours, sitting in on admissions information sessions and attending sporting events and lectures. Yet, neither of us has ever visited the Cantor Arts Center so we decided to check it out. What an enlightening and enjoyable afternoon! We learned that there is so much to discover at the Cantor ? too much to absorb all in one day. We relaxed in the sculpture gardens and marveled at the world-famous Rodin exhibit. We also visited two of the photography shows currently on exhibit. We ran out of time or we would have visited Hoover Tower, one of several other landmarks on Stanfords campus.

Include Sightseeing While On-Campus

If youre planning college visits, keep in mind that you may want to include time to see some of these architectural landmarks, museums, botanical gardens and other cherished sites. There is probably a venue on almost every campus that will appeal to your teen’s interest(s). For instance:

  • If youre planning to visit Duke University and you love gardens or are just looking for a beautiful, tranquil spot, you wont want to miss the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.
  • Musicians and music lovers heading to Yale University might want to spend some time at the Collection of Musical Instruments, one of the world’s most important repositories of musical instruments.
  • History buffs may want to take time out to visit the Homewood Museum, located on the Johns Hopkins University campus. A US National Historic Landmark listed on the US National Register of Historic Places, its collections include architecture, furniture, and American history, with a specific focus on 19th century Baltimore.

These are just a few of numerous gems situated on college and university campuses across the country. Not only do they offer great opportunities for sightseeing, but they also offer you and your teen insight into what each college offers beyond the classroom.

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