Six Activities to Expand Your Campus Visit

Six Activities to Expand Your Campus Visit

Many times your student’s campus visit involves listening to an Information Session, then walking the campus with a student guide. After the tour many people leave campus and head to their next destination.

We challenge you and your student to spend more time on campus.

In my Twitter account @CollegeVisitTip one of the most retweeted posts is:

When visiting a college campus talk to students. Facilities might be awesome, but you want to ‘Like’ the people.

So how do you find out if you ‘Like’ the people? Here are six activities your student can do:

  1. Hang out in the campus center. Listen to what students are saying.
  2. Walk into a department office, ask if you can meet and speak with a grad student or professor.
  3. Find a student to meet-up with. Have coffee or a meal and ask great questions.
  4. Network with the other visitors on the tour, catch-up afterward and compare notes
  5. Make an appointment to meet a professor, don’t just listen, ask good proactive questions.
  6. Attend a class.

Above all be relaxed and try and have some fun.

Alan Caine

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