Splash! Down on Campus!

Splash! Down on Campus!

Student Teacher Reviewing / StudyingAs we work with our kids to develop a prospective college list and help them get a sense of what theyre looking for in a college, we come to understand that theres more to a college visit than merely taking a campus tour and sitting in on an information session. We try to help them as best we can, to get a sense of the essence or personality of the college what is the lifestyle like? What are students like? Whats it like to be on my own? How is college different than high school?

The most effective way to do this is to actually step foot on campus and while you may be thinking about or planning a trip to visit multiple college campuses, in the meantime what would you think about an educational program that give pre-college students a chance to spend a weekend learning about anything and everything on the campus of a local college or university?

That program is Splash! On various weekends throughout the year, hundreds of students descend upon any one of over fifteen campuses nationwide to take part in this unique and inexpensive learning environment.

Students register online for their course choices, choosing from a wide variety of topics in categories that may include:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Engineering
  • Performing Arts
  • Hobbies
  • Liberal Arts

I suggest registering as soon as possible to get the best selection of classes, as the program is extremely popular.

What makes this experience so different from other academic programs is that the entire weekend is organized and run by current undergraduate and graduate students who have the opportunity to teach and share what they are passionate about. And in turn, high schoolers and middle school kids have a chance to spend time on a college campus sitting in actual classrooms, checking out the campus bookstore, and best of all interacting with college students for two days, while exploring topics of interest.

Learning Unlimited seeds and supports the Splash! program, mentoring over 100 university students as program leaders and over 800 as program teachers, who in turn develop skills and leadership in teaching over 6000 middle and high school students each year.

Splash! is currently being run at over fifteen colleges and universities across the country, with more coming soon. Do you live within driving distance of the Boston area? If so, your kids can take advantage of Splash! programs at four very different college and university campuses.

Splash! is a great way to keep kids motivated about learning while simultaneously getting them thinking about college.

For more information about Splash!, visit Learning Unlimiteds website at http://learningu.org/current-programs/about.

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