Stay Organized

Stay Organized

Evernote imageAs we are nearing the end of the college application process with our clients, we have found that for many students (and parents) there are still many lessons to be learned when it comes to organizing and referencing needed information. I though it might be relevant to suggest a system for collecting and tracking information that would make it easy to find the high school contacts, activities, awards and adventures necessary to complete college applications.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could do a quick search and find:
  • The name and email of a teacher who said they would provide a reference but left the school?
  • How about the camp supervisor from the summer between your teen’s freshman and junior years–do you remember his name? Is he on FaceBook? Maybe.
  • Can your daughter reconnect with the professor that she met when she was debating for Model UN?
  • How about someone your son met that studied music at his first choice university?

I know that in our household we do not keep all of the information in one place and I would be willing to surmise that many other families dont either. As important as what to collect is where to collect it, how to organize it and how to tag it so you can easily find the information or document. I want to make this super simple, inexpensive and sharable by both student and parents so I am going to recommend Evernote.

If you are not familiar with Evernote here is the link to their website:

I use Evernote and I love its simplicity. Evernote can capture and recall almost anything you wish to find by using searchable tags. You can save and share photos, scans, web pages, contact information, documents, pdfs and more. You can have notebooks for each year, each activity and your own unique set of tags. Searching is simple and quick, saving you hours of time and frustration. Your son or daughter can be responsible for keeping his or her own information, or you can work as a family to keep it up to date. You would be amazed at how people from around the globe use Evernote. Check out this link to a Lifehacker article, I’ve been using Evernote all wrong heres why its actually amazing.

Where should you start?

Before you even download Evernote you should have a family discussion with your teen to answer the following questions:

Do they understand why it is important to capture their achievements, contacts etc?

  • Will they be responsible for keeping Evernote up-to-date?
  • How would they like you to be involved? Maybe a quarterly review of information in Evernote to see what might be missing?
  • Will you need their help learning to use Evernote?
  • Will you work together to set up a list of tags?

Getting into a selective college is a family affair. It is a commitment that should start early. Having a detailed, searchable source of important high school data at your fingertips can be indispensable.

I would be glad to share my list of tags and notebooks. Just fill out our Contact Us form and mention Evernote.

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Alan Caine

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