The Elephant in The Room – VR

The Elephant in The Room – VR

Virtual Reality

Give Your Teens a Jump Start on Their College Search

Is your teen starting or in the middle of their college search? Do you want to help them get a jump-start? Keep reading.

Virtual Reality college tours are the next hottest thing. How do I know? Well, I see the signs. Go on Amazon and search “Google Cardboard” or  “Virtual Reality Headset”. You will find tens if not hundreds of vendors each selling their own version. Even Budweiser has gotten in the game by creating a cardboard VR headset that doubles as a cup holder–sure to be a popular item on college campuses.

Colleges are sending their admissions officers out with Oculus headsets, and my friend Steve Conklin from YouniversityTV has gotten downright phenomenal responses when he demos virtual reality videos to colleges.

SCADVirtual Reality College Tours Custom College Visits (Savannah College of Art and Design) sent out 5000 Google Cardboard headsets to prospective students. The response was incredible! And virtual reality video companies such as, and are all talking to colleges about upgrading to virtual reality tours.

Become Better Educated about Each of the Colleges You Visit

In addition to providing teens who can’t make it to a specific campus for any of a dozen reasons a better look at each campus, I actually think it will drive more students to visit campuses in person. What I predict will happen is that actual campus visits will be more specific, focused and student driven. Students who spend the time viewing a colleges’ VR tour will be better educated about that school and though a college might fluff up the VR video (as they have always done with view books and other materials), the students showing up on campus will demand that they get more than a walk-by of the dorm, gym, science quad or theater building. They will have seen the film, so speaking with current students and faculty and learning about the schools’ programs will be higher on their priority list. They will also be asking more detailed questions and demanding answers that are not prOBAMA AND VR on Custom College Visitse-programmed.

Where does this lead? It leads to better informed students, who can make more informed choices–which should be the ultimate aim of college admissions officers.

As the world’s leading experts helping families plan multi-day college tours and on-campus visits we are excited about this new tool for college bound teens and their parents.

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