Why Work With Custom College Visits

Created with Families in Mind


A Unique and Effective Planning Process


Founded by Janice and Alan Caine, the idea for Custom College Visits grew out of their daughter’s college visit experiences. She had made the decision to head east from California to attend Smith College in Massachusetts. As they looked back over her college search journey and discussed with her the main factors that helped her make her final choice, they discovered that the customized campus visits Janice had designed were a key factor in her decision. Not the week-long bus tours up and down the east coast visiting colleges she had no interest in, not the expensive marketing pieces that filled the mailbox every day nor the virtual tours online, but actually being on campus – meeting faculty, coaches and students with real experiences and enthusiasm for the institutions.


Realizing the importance of these in-depth campus visits and seeing a need for assistance among college-bound teens and their families, the couple decided to share Janice’s unique planning process.


Custom College Visits tailors tours and campus visits according to the specific interests of each client, allowing them to visit the specific colleges and universities of their choice. Yes, we schedule information sessions and guided campus tours, but where Custom College Visits specialty lies is with the customization of travel itineraries and arrangements for on-campus interaction with current students, faculty members and athletic coaches. Customized itineraries allow families as much flexibility as desired to explore each campus and/or surrounding colleges towns, cities and attractions.



All arrangements and consulting services offered by Custom College Visits adhere to the following principles:

1. Dedication to provide the highest quality, personalized college visit experience

2. Flexibility that facilitates adaptation of our strategies and programs as per the preferences of each individual family

3. Availability to respond to client inquiries and needs

4. A commitment to remain true to our core values of integrity, reliability and hospitality


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