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Our Clients Say ….

Custom College Visits takes the stress and confusion out of planning multi-day,  multi-campus college trips for families

At Custom College Visits, our highly professional and experienced team will create a personalized Done-For-You multi-day college tour, on-campus visit itinerary, travel plan and travel arrangements.

“If I was seeing multiple colleges in one area, she planned out the whole route based on what made sense so it just took the thinking out of it.” -Jessica 

“Oh it would have taken me a lot of time to just coordinate these appointments and just learning the optimum route from point A to point B, so she just made it so much easier for me. The planning time and all that is worth every penny. She is a savior. And for people who have a busy lifestyle to use Janice that will make your life much easier.” -Raj 

Each college visit itinerary is tailored to your teens’ specific interests, allowing them to visit the universities and colleges of their choice.

“We actually met with real live students who showed us other sides of the campus that weren’t on the tour and that were more targeted to us. For example the sciences buildings. We met with a few department heads who told us more about their specific degree program. It was just much more thorough and we felt like we got a better feel of the campus than just going around and pointing out buildings” -Lori

The kids trust her! -Sally

We will also see to your campus-to-campus logistics–your hotel and travel arrangements will coincide with your preferred dates and meet your comfort level.

“One of the biggest pluses was the app that Janice has started using and it’s basically that you go on your smartphone and you’re able to see your entire itinerary personalized, at your fingertips with maps, directions and contact information right then and there.” -Michelle

We take care of the details—so you don’t have to. You can tour college campuses worry-free, allowing your family to spend quality time together—and your teen will come away with a good feel for every campus you visit.

“I kind of want to keep her (Janice) a secret, because she’s great.” – Michelle

“She (Janice) is awesome at what she does. The outcome that she produces and the time she saves for busy people in planning for college visits and all it’s worth every penny.” -Raj

“She’s (Janice) part of your team as a family” -Jessica

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College Campus Visit Planning Services Include:

College Search University , Best College Tours

College Search Guidance

An expert and personalized step-by-step process to assist students with the college search.

College Campus Tours

Itinerary & Travel Planning

Custom trip planning & travel booking to ensure your family’s trip is productive and enjoyable.

Visiting a college or university - Custom College Visits

On-Campus Arrangements

Personalized on-campus arrangements for every student.