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“I wish there were someone who could do this planning for me!”


So exclaimed a friend of founder Janice Caine in the midst of trying to coordinate the plans for an East Coast college trip — all the while trying to hold down a full-time job, figuring out what to make for dinner, wondering when she’d get to the store for groceries and who would pick up the kids from their various activities — never mind that she still needed to figure out arrangements for college test prep and visits to the local high school college fairs.


So many parents of college-bound teens face this same dizzying schedule and frenzy of responsibilities. Add the time needed to manage the logistics for multiple college visits and it’s enough to put anyone over the edge…


Saving Time and Reducing Stress


Custom College Visits provides a unique college visit planning process that gives high school students and their families an in-depth experience on each US college campus they visit.



Based on conversations with you and your student, all campus activities are researched and planned around your student’s academic, lifestyle and college admissions interests. 

Whether you come to us with a pre-determined list of schools or you choose to work with us to develop a list that meets your teen’s criteria, we’ll handle all the details. Learn more about our services.



Itineraries are built around your student’s college list, your family’s available travel dates and take into account each college’s academic calendar. We schedule customized on-campus meetings with current students, faculty, coaches and resource professionals.



See the colleges visited, the daily schedule and detailed information provided for the family for a East Coast College Tour planned by Custom College Visits. 



We have been crafting college & university tour itineraries for families since 2010. Our clients come from all around the US and from overseas. Recent international clients have traveled from China, India, Nepal, Russia and Italy.


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Along with our travel partner Alacrity Lifestyles® a premier travel service, we figure out all the logistics and handle your travel needs.



By the time you are ready to go, you’ll have a complete itinerary in hand

(actually a Smartphone App) – the result will be a trip that runs smoothly,

allowing you to spend quality time with your son or daughter, helping them to

make knowledgeable evaluations and decisions about each campus that you visit.



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College Campus Visit Planning Services Include:

College Search University , Best College Tours

College Search Guidance

An expert and personalized step-by-step process to assist students with the college search.

College Campus Tours

Itinerary & Travel Planning

Custom trip planning & travel booking to ensure your family’s trip is productive and enjoyable.

Visiting a college or university - Custom College Visits

On-Campus Arrangements

Personalized on-campus arrangements for every student.