Custom College Visits


Prepory College Counseling

Prepory is a premier college admissions counseling organization. We offer comprehensive, personalized, and ongoing college admissions guidance to help you craft a stand-out application to colleges and universities. Our student-centric approach to the college admissions process is reshaping how students apply to college, find their “fit”, and receive admission to their dream schools.


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Alactrity Travel and Lifestyle

Alacrity™ Travel & Lifestyle is a premier agency that provides personalized services to manage your travel and lifestyle needs. We have partnered with Custom College Visits for over seven years. Let Alacrity™ handle the logistics for your college visits while you focus on helping your teen discover their dream colleges. Alacrity’s concierge services will seamlessly integrate with Custom College Visits’ itineraries, making your college search adventure stress-free.

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Shift Happens For Teens

Shift Happens for Teens offers comprehensive programs for teens and families facing the challenges of anxiety, peer pressure, motivation, all that may come with the pending life change teens face, moving on to college. Our transformative program gives students the foundation they need to thrive when facing big changes and the pressures that accompany preparing for college. With an impressive 68% increase in stress management and a 59% boost in overall happiness, our results speak volumes. Our program empowers your child with the skills and resilience they need to navigate life’s complexities and emerge as their best, most confident selves.

For more information, contact Janice: janice@customcollegevisits.com

For more information, contact Janice: janice@customcollegevisits.com