Parent’s Guide to Planning College Visits

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In ‘College Road Trips, A Parent’s Guide: How to organize your teen’s college visits without losing your mind’, you’ll learn that with the right help and guidance, organizing college visits doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Indeed it can be enriching and informative. It can even be fun!


“One perk that many people don’t realize until after they return home from a series of college visits is this: While a college road trip is not what most of us think of as a typical vacation, it’s a chance for you and your teen to do things together, either one-on-one or with the whole family. Getting away from the everyday routine and experiencing something out of the ordinary will undoubtedly bring about great conversations and wonderful memories. Yes, it’s a lot of walking, driving and information to absorb, but as one mom told us: “It was another long week but a GREAT bonding experience!”

About The Author

College Road Trips, A Parent’s Guide is written by Janice Caine. As CEO and Founder of USA-based Custom College Visits, she uses her personal experiences and existing business skills to help parents of college-bound teens plan personalized, in-depth college road trips.

Since 2009, Janice Caine has served clients from all regions of the United States as well as those from overseas. She has planned hundreds of customized itineraries that have varied in length from four days to three weeks. Her clients have visited the colleges and universities of their choosing, which have varied from Ivies to small liberal arts colleges, to large and public universities.

After more years of working with parents seeking guidance for planning these parent-teen road trips, Janice realized she could help many more families by laying out the groundwork that will make the process easier.

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