Coronavirus Blog: First Post 26 March

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As we ride out this piece of living history, I’ll be sharing college-related updates with you each Thursday, including tour and admission information, how schools are staying connected, and news from the home front (me!). If there’s anything specific that you’d like to see featured here, don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll do my best.



NACAC Provides College Admission Status Update

The National Association for College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) has compiled a useful online, interactive list of colleges that provides updates regarding changes in adjusted college admissions events, deposit dates and more, as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The list is updated in real time as NACAC receives the information. You can access this list here. If you are looking for information regarding a specific school, NACAC has also included a link that will take you to that college’s website for additional information. If the college you are looking for is not on the list, we recommend that you go to the admissions page on the college’s website for information. 

Colleges Are Extending Payment Deadlines/Decision Dates

As many parents find themselves in unexpected financial situations and students have fewer resources to tap to help them make their decisions about what school to attend, numerous colleges have decided to extend their payment deadlines to allow extra time for families to make those important decisions. We thought it would be helpful to include a link to a list of those schools that have extended their deadlines (as of March 24th). This thorough list was compiled by the organization ACCEPT. Thank you, ACCEPT! All schools on the list have extended their deadlines to June 1st or beyond. For the exact dates, be sure to check the college’s website. 

When On-Campus Tours Are Not Available, Virtual Tours Can be the Next Best Option

Thanks to the hard work of Rebecca Chabrow, we can share detailed information about virtual tours offered by colleges across the U.S here. Rebecca was previously the Director of College Counseling at a boarding school in North Carolina and an international school in Spain, both with student populations that aren’t easily able to visit colleges. So she would formulate spreadsheets like this one so that students could virtually visit these schools. The spreadsheet also highlights some of the unique features of the colleges, the undergraduate enrollment, location, distance to the nearest city and more. Virtual tours can be immediately beneficial for seniors who do not have the chance to visit colleges where they have been accepted and will have to make a decision within the next couple of months. Juniors may find the virtual tours helpful as they begin to build their college lists and may help them prioritize which colleges they’d like to visit when the time comes.


Smith College Seniors Hold Impromptu Commencement

When Smith College notified students on March 10th that they would be closing the campus for Spring Break and moving to remote classes for the remainder of the semester, they were told they would have to be moved out no later than March 20th. When members of the senior class realized that they would likely not have an on-campus commencement experience, they took matters into their own hands, as they didn’t want to leave campus without commemorating this important milestone. On March 13th, they held their own impromptu commencement in the quad, complete with an undergrad standing in for their commencement speaker Nancy Pelosi. Hats (or caps) off to the Class of 2020! 

NYU Shares Online Stories About People, Places, and Opportunities That Makes the University Unique 

In one email, NYU offered: links to virtual tours, an article from a current student on “why you should pursue your dreams,” hidden histories of some of NYU’s residence halls and spotlights on two of NYU’s many academic departments, and an insightful article on faculty member and writer-in-residence, Ta Nehisi-Coates. Not only was the information contained in these articles informative, but fun to read! For students (and their parents) that are considering NYU but can’t visit right now, these articles showcase the breadth of what the University offers and how intertwined it is with the city that surrounds it. If you’re interested in reading these articles, please email me at janice@customcollegevisits.com and I will forward the page to you. 

Reed College Offers Virtual Information Sessions

Hosted in real-time by a Reed admission counselor, students can learn all about Reed during their Virtual Information Sessions. Discussions will center around academics, student life, traditions and more. Students also have the opportunity to ask questions about anything else they need to know. As of today, students can register for sessions through April 1. The link to register can be found here. Once your teen registers, s/he will receive a confirmation email that will include a link to the Zoom connection information.


Finding A New Normal

Today I had my groceries delivered, and I proceeded to wash all the cans and cartons before putting everything away. The cat, who has now gotten used to people being in the house all the time, has decided that every moment should be dedicated to doting on her. At least someone is enjoying all this!  

Stay healthy and safe! Visit week two’s blog:  Coronavirus blog week two

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