How to do College Visits by Private Jets

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College Visits by Private Jets

Top 1% Using Private Jets (their own or chartered) To Visit Colleges With Their Teen

No matter how you travel from college to college, make sure you allow your teen enough time on each campus. The goal of a campus visit is to fully experience the academics, the lifestyle and, the community.

We understand that parents and teens are extremely busy these days. But in our opinion, the point of taking your child on a college tour is to allow your teen to explore each college. That exploration includes their questions, their research and, their determination of fit. 

To determine if they will excel academically, ‘like’ the people and, be engaged in the community takes more than a quick wheels-up/wheels-down and black car visit.

In addition to information sessions and guided campus tours, here are five activities that students should do while visiting a campus:

  • Meet with a current student
  • Meet with a professor
  • If interested in sports, visit the athletic facilities and possibly have a meeting with a coach
  • Have a meal in the dining hall and visit the campus center
  • Visit the surrounding town or area

Are you considering college visits this summer or fall and need assistance in planning the logistics? Whether that is on-campus activities or, travel (whether by private jet, commercial air, car or, train) call: +1 650-931-4515 to learn how we can assist.

The key to your child’s college success is a well-planned on-campus visit. Our proven process will ensure that your investment in your teen’s college experience is based on a solid foundation.

College visits tend to be unorganized, rushed, and unproductive. Our proven process will give your family the gift of time and ensure that your investment in your teen’s college experience is based on a solid foundation. Custom College Visits was created to fulfill this need.

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