Parent / Teen On-Campus College Visits

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Parent & Teen On-Campus College Visits

As you embark on a parent / teen college road trip and tour you may want to keep the following suggestions in mind:

Keep a positive attitude while On-Campus 

    • Stuff happens! You’re the adult and you know your teen best. 
    • Do prep work before the trip, speak with your teen about expectations and trip goals. If your teen starts to act up during the trip, evaluate the situation; maybe they are tired or hungry. 
    • Maybe they are upset over something they heard about their dream college. Take a break, do something fun, eat, sleep, then move on.

Information sessions start to sound similar awfully fast

    • During information sessions, take notes, ask a relevant question, engage in active listening, look for the gem in the presentation that you can discuss with your teen.

Self Care

    • Cute, uncomfortable shoes or high heels are not advised–you’ll be doing a lot of walking.
    • Comfortable clothes are a must, but so is being prepared for unexpected overly hot or cold weather. It’s best to dress in layers.
    • Be ready for “blister care.”See #3 and #4. Detouring to Walgreens or CVS can throw off the schedule, and if the blisters appear on day one, you may be in for a miserable week.
    • Don’t forget your meds! Getting a refill or emergency prescription on the road may be difficult. Also, for over-the-counter meds, try not to frequent the hotel shop as it probably is overly expensive.

Keeping track of your observations

    • Write notes down right away (use your phone or bring a small notepad). You can request our College Visit Journal.

Green Campuses

    • Many colleges have been moving toward Green campuses. Do you understand what they are speaking of? Green means the college is working towards being a sustainable and environmentally friendly institution.

Travel Confirmations

    • Confirm, and then recheck all travel information. If you are using a travel advisor or agent, review the arrangements with them. 
    • Add in sightseeing excursions (ask your teen what they would like to do) to balance the time on the road.


    • Dining is important. Schedule food stops to keep your teen’s sugar level balanced.
    • Check out the dining halls, taste the food, check out their special menus. Ask the admissions office for meal tickets.
    • People watch. Dining halls, student unions, bookstores, quads are great places to see how students interact. 

Of interest

Have FUN! Let me repeat that, Have Fun both parent and teen. 

    • This might be your last one-on-one trip with your teen before they head off to college.

Please contact us if you have questions about college visits and tours.