Visit colleges so showing up at move in isn’t a shock

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Visit colleges so showing up at move in isn’t a shock

The time to realize that a college or university campus isn’t what your teen thought isn’t when you all show up with their luggage.

As we head into the holiday season and with teens home for winter vacation, parents and teen’s thoughts turn to that rite of passage – the college tour.

Are you planning a half-day tour of a local campus or a week long tour to visit multiple campuses across the northeast, south or west coast? Planning in advance can and will play an important role in insuring things go smoothly.

Research Each Campus by Visiting

First, planning college visits in advance gives your teen a chance to research each campus. They can view the surrounding area and determine what else they might wish to visit.  Ask students or friends who go to the college to find what else should be seen in addition to what’s pointed out on the walking tour.

Plan in Advance So You Know Where You Are Going

Second, it can take stress out of the planning process and the actual trip if you know in advance where you are going. It’s better to know where you need to be on each campus for your appointments. Traffic and traffic patterns change due to construction, weather and other factors. Make sure you leave plenty of time getting from city to city and campus to campus.

College visits are important parts of the college admission process. If you’d like assistance planning your multi-campus, multi-day tour please contact us to learn about our services.

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